Art for current Anti- feature, copyright Joshua Ware.

The first two poems from my new project-in-progress, KILL YOUR DARLINGS, CLEMENTINE, were just picked up by Anti-! Love this journal, and really excited to see the poems in e-print!

SpringGun 6 has sprung

I have new work from DAY BLEAKS SUDDENLY in the latest issue of SpringGun! In addition to supporting my poems and therefore earning a special place in my literary heart, SpringGun is also the publisher of my brilliant friend Lily Ladewig’s first collection, The Silhouettes.

Typeside goodness!


The beautiful typeside that Gale Thompson made for my poem “Minotaur” is now available on the Jellyfish website! Typesides featuring poems by the likes of Emily Pettit, Nick Sturm, Caroline Cabrera, and a bunch more are also available. Gale did a really, really awesome job with these, and I’m so thrilled to have “Minotaur” laid out this beautifully! Now where to hang it…?