LitBridge article & chapbook feedback, so far.

I’m psyched to have been asked to write an article for the new writing resource website, LitBridge. I’ll be reflecting on my experiences as a TA at Syracuse–keep an eye out for the article in the fall, most likely.

Also starting to receive some feedback on the two chapbook manuscripts that I began sending out into the world this summer. One rejection so far–from a press I like very much–which is always a bummer no matter how you spin it. Another note I just got today from a press that had previously seen a sample of the chap, asking now to see the complete manuscript, so fingers tightly crossed on that one!

Bittersweet kill.

While I’m psyched to have work in the upcoming issue of >kill author, I’m also so sad that this next issue, forthcoming in August, will be the journal’s last. They’ve put out some stellar work over the past three years, and their self-willed demise comes too soon! Will we ever find out who resides behind the >kill author curtain? Can’t say I’m not curious, but I kinda like an unsolved mystery…

Feeling all handsome.

Two poems from DAY BLEAKS SUDDENLY (forthcoming someday from somewhere) were just picked up by one of my big literary crushes, Handsome. Totally geeked out when I got the acceptance note from editor Allison Titus, author of one of my fave contemporary  collections, Sum of Every Lost Ship.

New writing resource: LitBridge

Have you heard about the new writing resource website developed by Kyle McCord & co? Their mission is ” to provide reputable journals, writing programs, and literary events to poets and writers across the country,” and so far I like what I see! Check em out here.