Welcome to the front of the class.

Check it out! LitBridge asked me to write an article on my experience teaching while getting my MFA. I talk about teaching in the Writing Program and English Department at Syracuse and about setting some priorities for teaching as well as for writing upon entering the whole MFA experience.

It’s posted here now.

Will you feel better?

I’m excited to have three poems from my new chapbook project included in the inaugural issue of Better: Culture & Lit. I’m really excited to see what they do, and you’d better believe I’ll shout it out here when the issue pub’s.

New work in >kill author’s final issue.

I am so excited to read the 20th and final issue of > kill author today! (Although, don’t get me wrong, I am not excited that this is the final issue.) I’ve got three poems up along with the thirty other featured Issue 20 authors. Be sure to check out the intro and outro notes as well. Vaughan Simons, thank you for rocking it for the past three years. We’ve loved every minute!