Phantoms & Bones

I couldn’t have planned it better for Halloween: new work out this week in Issue 3.2 of Bone Bouquet (2 poems from KILL YOUR DARLINGS, CLEMENTINE) and 2 poems from ORBIT ENGINE just accepted for the forthcoming Issue 6 of Phantom Limb. Feeling ghouly!

I love both of these indie publications, and want to shout it out for Bone Bouquet’s subscription pkg: 1 yr (2 issues) for $14 & no shipping! Or 2 yrs (4 issues) for $24 & no shipping! Phantom Limb is new & lovely and their editor Kelly Forsythe hails from my native Pittsburgh (holla!), and they definitely warrant a looksee.

I’ve been remiss!

So what happened is I got a day job and moved back to Brooklyn. Goodbye MFA-land, hello moving and working full-time and unpacking and reuniting with everyone and everything in NYC. Hence, it’s been a little quiet over here on the blog. But things have been happening! Here’s a quick re-cap: I’m thrilled to be editing Brittany Cavallaro and Rebecca Hazelton‘s forthcoming chapbook, NO GIRLS, NO TELEPHONES, over at Black Lawrence Press. I had the honor of selecting it as a editor’s pick during our Black Lawrence Chapbook Competition this spring, and I’m so happy to have these ladies as part of the BLP family of authors. A few poems of mine came out in the inaugural issue of Better: Culture & Lit earlier this month, and the whole issue is stunning and smart and witty and wonderful. New work also up in the venerable and ever-fresh (is that an oxymoron? it’s true!) DIAGRAM. Still reeling from that one. Finally, I had the good fortune to participate in a No, Dear reading at Milk & Roses over in Greenpoint earlier this month, and to read the work of the ever-amazing Hanna Andrews. (Psst: her first full-length, Slope Move, is forthcoming from Coconut Books in November!) OK, that’s all for now. More (and more timely) posts forthcoming, promise!