2 readings

This week I’m going to two readings that I’m pretty pumped about:

On Thursday, I’m going to get to see one of my longtime literary idols, Charles Simic, read at NYU’s Lilian Vernon Creative Writer’s House. It’ll be a packed house. Don’t come. Leave all the seats for me. 🙂 OK, come, and it’s at 7pm, and it’s free, and it really will be packed.

On Friday, my friend Hanna Andrews will be feteing the release of her first collection, Slope Move, at NYC’s Cake Shop. Hanna will be joined by literary lovelies by Marisa Crawford, Becca Klaver, Lily Ladewig, Caolan Madden, and Jennifer Tamayo. Definitely turn out for this one, NYC!

Sunday evening silver lining

My chapbook wasn’t selected for Sixth Finch‘s open reading period this fall, but Rob & the Sixth Finch folks will be publishing a poem from KILL YOUR DARLINGS, CLEMENTINE in the winter issue! I love love love Sixth Finch and have been hoping to get work placed there for a while, so all and all, no complaints. It is the season of gratitude, after all.

Feature creature.

Hey hey! I’m the current feature over at Anti-! Pretty psyched to have work from Kill Your Darlings, Clementine up at one of my favorite journals. Check it!