Summer YA Reading List: If I Stay

If I StayIf I Stay (Gayle Forman) — finished 8/12/2014

NB: I am really behind on my micro-reviews, so these next three are going to be extra micro! I’ve been reading up a storm over the past month, but I started a new job at the beginning of August, and it’s been keeping me a little bit busy! So, forgive the brevity–the YA reading project is alive and well, in spite of my lack of recent posts!

2 Penny Book Report: Imagine it’s a snow day. School’s canceled. Mom and Dad are off work. The weather’s not really that bad, so your family goes out for a morning drive. Several hours and one devastating car crash later, you’re faced with the biggest decision of your life: to stay or go from a life irrevocably altered from the one you’ve always known. For a novel with a big, dramatic premise, where the protagonist’s life hangs in the balance, Gayle Forman has written an admirably measured, beautifully quiet novel. If I Stay is filled with tension, but it’s not sensational, it’s never over-dramatized. Forman navigates seamlessly between the present of the hospital and scenes from Mia’s past, all of which lead up to the choice that is Mia’s alone. I hope they did a good job with the movie, which just came out a couple of weeks ago, because I really loved this book!