Residency time

I just got home from spending two weeks as a writer in residence at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, NE. More residency, puh-leez! I got a lot done out in Nebraska, and I had an amazing time hanging out and sharing work with the other writers & artists who were in residence while I was out there.

KHN current artists
+ Rachel Ostrow, Visual Artist, New York

I got a lot accomplished in NE. Here are the writing highlights:

  • Worked on my novel-in-progress every day. Guess what: when you have 12 days in a row with no day job concerns and minimal freelancing, you can get a lot done! All told, I almost doubled the length of my draft while in NE and made some good revision progress on early chapters, too. Go me!
KHN white board
A particularly productive writing day.
  • Started a new poetry thing! Yup, a non-specific “poetry thing,” because I’m not sure where it’s headed yet, but I have a few poems and a few more ideas toward it now, which is very exciting.

And here’s a bit of the rest.

Nebraska by the Numbers:

  • In 12 days, I
  • wrote 23,600 words
KHN studio
My writing studio at the KHN Center for the Arts.
  • wrote 4 poems
  • read 5-ish books
  • ate 3 enchiladas with a billionaire benefactor
  • witnessed 2 dinos creeping across some family’s roof
KHN dinos
Creative home decor, Nebraska City.
  • witnessed 1 (different) roof catch on fire
  • watched 21 episodes of Pretty Little Liars
  • took 4 long walks around town and photo-documented my exploration
KHN chlorine plant
I think this is a chlorine plant. Nebraska City.
  • ate only 1 box of Annie’s (pats self on back)
  • ate 1 entire jar of pickled jalapeños (pats self on back)
  • went on 1 pilgrimage to Runza
KHN Runza
Please Note: You are in the midwest, and the correct answer is pop. (Runza, Nebraska City)
  • witnessed 1 crazy hail storm and 3+ super thunderstorms complete with scary rolling thunder
  • saw so many overalls I thought I’d died and gone back to the 90s

Big thanks to Elizabeth Stehling, KHN’s Program Director, and Pat Friedli, the KHN Assistant Director, for having me out there for the last two weeks. Can I turn around and go back now, please?