Kill Your Darlings, Clementine is now available through Rye House Press

BoxedOne summer: two chapbooks! Kill Your Darlings, Clementine is out now from Rye House Press, and the books are just beautiful! A world of thanks to editor and visionary Jeremiah Gould at Rye House Press for turning my manuscript into a beautiful, hand-stitched chapbook featuring both a textured, letterpress cover and an offset printed dust jacket with a portrait of the artist (that’s me!).

Books are available for sale from the Rye House Press website, or you can contact me directly to purchase.

Rye House has this to say about Kill Your Darlings, Clementine:

“Set in a location of unknown but strongly felt isolation, Kill Your Darlings, Clementine observes the actions, attitudes, of a group of men again and again, echoing its opening refrain throughout: The men here, the men here…Stack of chaps

Kill Your Darlings, Clementine speaks not only to the constructs of masculinity, fatherhood, and small town life, it works with the themes of observation, isolation, potency, and forgiveness. The language is powerful and chiseled. Kill Your Darlings, Clementine is both anthropology and archeology. Uncover it for yourself.”